Precise classification
Defects are precisely classified according to the type of detected defect: The applied sensor technology enables a clear classification between broken filaments and fluff. Moreover, the detected broken filaments are grouped according to the length of the broken filaments.

Quality status at a glance
PROMPT FFD features a bi-coloured LED display which indicates the sensor status.
Additionally, a quality indicator can be combined with the mounted sensors for indication of the quality status of the winders.

Flexible data management
Data communication is accomplished either via PC or via a PLC.

Comprehensive data evaluation
Customized settings for data evaluation are made easy in the PROMPT Visualize software.

Inspection method
By means of light barrier technology, the intelligent sensor PROMPT FFD registers broken filaments or fluff directly on the running yarn in the production. Depending on the position of the blocked light barrier, information is yielded about the length of the detected broken filament. A central light barrier monitors the yarn for fluff. Typically applied for technical, industrial and BCF yarn.