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product news elkometer


ELKOMETER 200 provides yarn producers and converters with a high-volume precision tool for off-line defect detection. A powerful yarn take-off unit guides up to eight parallel positioned yarn samples through PROMPT OLO online sensors. Defects such as thin- and thick places, broken filaments and fluff are detected and reported in terms of quantity and position. If an in-depth defect analysis is requested, images of each detected defect can be generated by means of the optional DEFECT VIEW camera system, which is installed at one of the positions. Additionally to the pure inspection mode, a special defect assessment mode enables human inspection by stopping the system after each detected defect. 

product news nonwovens testing


RUNOFF completes Lenzing Instruments product range for INDA/EDANA- compliant absorption testing of nonwoven coverstock or topsheet. Whereas the two standard setting instruments
Lister AC and Wetback give feedback about the liquid strike-through and rewet properties of nonwoven materials, RUNOFF analyses the absorption characteristics of a nonwoven specimen positioned on an inclined plane as being exposed to a constant flow of liquid. Features such as easy liquid collection and the possibility of various instrument adjustments make RUNOFF an easy to use instrument for controlled and reproducible measurements.

BT 100

BT 100

Bulky fibers and filaments used as filling material in cushions, duvets etc., are tested for their filling power, compressibility and recovery properties with Lenzing Instruments BT 100.
Highly reproducible results are guaranteed by the automated testing procedure, which also allows for testing of a high number of fibers during one and the same test run.

product news prompt olo


PROMPT OLO is a new optical sensor, which is ideal for quality control tasks with limited space conditions. The sensor with minimised dimensions monitors mono- and multifilament yarn for typical defects and decisive yarn characteristics. Even the smallest defects are detected by PROMPT OLO, thereby enabling online monitoring of defects in applications, where this was not possible before due to sensor limitations.