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Nonwovens testing

From liquid strike-through testing in the laboratory according to EDANA guidelines to advanced online monitoring of various web characteristics such as defects, contamination, fiber orientation and more; Lenzing Instruments offers a wide variety of testing equipment for quality- and process control of nonwoven materials and fleece.

CAP 100

Automatic determination of capillary properties of fabric

GT 1200

Standardized testing of the characteristic opening size of geotextiles

NOS 300

Determination of the fiber orientation along and across the machine direction of nonwoven webs


Automatic testing of the flushability characteristics of nonwoven products.


Automatic testing of the disintegration properties respectively flushability of nonwoven materials


Liquid strike through test according to EDANA/INDA WSP 70.3 (former ERT 150) and WSP 70.7 (former ERT 153) is automated measuring penetration properties.


Liquid strike-through test of nonwoven cover stock with liquids of low conductivity


Measuring rewet properties according to EDANA/INDA WSP 80.10 (former ERT 151) and WSP 70.8 (former ERT 154) – with reliable comparability of test conditions


Runoff test in accordance to  EDANA/INDA WSP 80.9. for standardized and reproducible characterization of the run-off properties.

ALFA 500

Testing instrument for highly automated determination of the spin finish level on staple fiber or filament in OPU% or FOY%.


Fully automatic, computer-controlled instrument for testing the water permeability of geotextiles, fleeces and related materials.

NIS 300

Nonwoven inspection system for online monitoring of both aesthetic appearance and physical defects