About Lenzing Instruments

Learn more about what characterizes the company Lenzing Instruments and the offered solutions for quality- and process control.

About us

The Austrian company Lenzing Instruments GmbH &. KG (member of the Textechno Group) is a worldwide renowned producer of high-end equipment for quality- and process control of filament yarn, staple fiber, nonwovens, plastic film, fabric and composites.

For more than 50 years now, Lenzing Instruments is a major player within the field of textile testing.
The initial experience gathered from the development and production of quality control equipment within Lenzing AG, worldwide renowned producer of wood-based viscose fiber, was gradually adapted and integrated also in the quality proof systems of external textile producing companies.

As a result of continuous product development and the scientific exchange with technology partners, new testing instruments were constantly implemented in the product range and Lenzing Instruments now offers a wide array of products for various applications.

The portfolio covers various automation levels and ranges from laboratory testing equipment over at-line positioned quality control instruments to customized online process control systems.

Over the years, in the course of developing standardised testing equipment, Lenzing Instruments has also been involved in the definition of internationally approved testing standards of ASTM and EDANA.

The Lenzing Instruments team strives to implement the innovative technology into customer projects all over the world. Apart from quality, customer service is a top priority at Lenzing Instruments. Optimal customer support is guaranteed for through a sales- and service network with worldwide coverage.
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More than offering testing instruments

Apart from standard testing equipment in compliancy with international standards such as EN ISO, INDA/EDANA, ASTM etc., Lenzing Instruments is also a known supplier of customized quality control systems which consider the requirements of special measurement tasks. 

This applies for instance to the offered online systems for continuous process control. The combination of Lenzing Instruments’ continuous innovation focus and the long-time experience in the online field make Lenzing Instruments one of the leading suppliers of customized solutions in that sector.