Vibroskop 500


  • For all kinds of fibers
  • Range 0,33 – 200 dtex (0,3 – 180 den)
  • Easy handling
  • Fast measurement
  • Best used in combination with VIBRODYN 500
  • Reference instrument for international standards (ASTM D1577, DIN 53812 etc.)

In Detail

VIBROSKOP 500 is worldwide known for easy and user-friendly determination of the linear density (dtex/den) of single fibers and monofilaments. An advanced and patented approach of the vibration method ensures for best accuracy and reliability of the measurement results. Additionally, the automatic measurement offers easiest handling and eliminates any subjective influence of the operator. VIBROSKOP 500 is most often used in combination with VIBRODYN 500, which measures single fibers for their tensile properties, e.g. tenacity and elongation. It is characterised by its flexibility, which makes it a perfect tool for a wide variety of applications.
The versatile evaluation software provides extensive data analysis.


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