Thorough analysis
Monitored yarn characteristics and detected defects are reported in real time statistically and numerically together with the generated images. This enables detailed analysis and trouble shooting

Online or offline
YIS 200 can be applied either online, directly in the production, or offline in combination with a powerful yarn take-off unit – PROMPT LAB.

Flexible application
The application of YIS 200 is flexible and examples for use is for adjustment of installed online sensors, for process optimization as well as for research and development.

Inspection method
The Yarn Inspection System YIS 200 generates online real time feedback about the most decisive characteristics of filament yarn. Monitored yarn properties include interlace, diameter and evenness. Detected defects include thin- and thick places, evenness, broken filaments, fluff and yarn breaks The ultra-fast line scan camera scans the illuminated yarn online in different processes such as filament spinning, texturing, twisting, etc. The generated raw signals are evaluated by means of intelligent algorithms. Each time a defect e.g. broken filament, fluff, thin or thick place or a diameter change is detected, an image of the defect is generated. This allows for detailed analysis and troubleshooting. It also offers offline analysis based on stored real time data.