Versatile application
VIBROTEX 400 offers thorough analysis of the crimp properties of single fibers for production quality control, for research- and development as well as for educational purposes.

Long-time experience
The applied technology is based on many years of research conducted within Lenzing AG.
Therewith, VIBROTEX 400 meets all requirements of fiber producers for accurate, flexible and thorough analysis of the crimp characteristics of staple fiber.

Quick feedback
Test results availability within seconds for quick reactions to quality levels and possible deviations from set quality levels.

Test method
Electromagnetic clamps fix the pre-tensioned fiber at top and bottom. The fiber is automatically drawn to carefully remove the crimp to a predefined extent. After the fiber has been straightened to the predefined trip level, the bottom clamp changes direction towards relaxation of the fiber. This means that the crimp removal is stopped before the crimp is pulled out completely. The applied algorithm allows for extrapolation up to the standard crimp removal of 1 cN/tex. For handling purposes, pretension is accomplished by means of paper weights. The usage of light paper weights for pretension prevents the crimp properties from being affected by the pretensioning. Years of profound research has proven that the applied tension limits of the measurement procedure do not influence the crimp during the test.