Versatile application
VIBRODYN 500 is used for tenacity- and elongation testing of all kinds of fibers.
The availability of easily exchangeable clamps guarantees for optimum quality control of any material. Continuous monitoring of the measurement progress makes VIBRODYN 500 a perfect tool for research, education etc. Optionally, VIBRODYN 500 can be equipped with a device for automatic testing of fibers in the wet state for determination of the BISFA wet modulus. VIBRODYN 500 also offers the options of a cycle test as well as a software Test principle for evaluation of characteristic features of partially oriented polyester fiber and filament, NDR.

Easy handling
VIBRODYN 500 is “one-button-operated”, i.e. the operator just has to clamp the fiber and then press a button to start the measurement. Optimization of reproducibility and accuracy is achieved by the elimination of any human impact on the measurement.

Quick feedback
Test results availability within seconds for quick reactions to quality levels and possible deviations from set quality levels.

Test method
A fiber is clamped between two clamps by electromagnetic force. The top clamp is connected with the force measuring device and the bottom clamp moves until fiber rupture at constant rate of elongation (CRE). If VIBRODYN 500 is used in combination with VIBROSKOP 500 for titer (dtex, den) determination, the titer of the tested fibers will automatically be communicated to VIBRODYN 500 via a connected evaluation unit to be factored in the evaluation according to DIN 53816. The titer may also be entered directly via the integrated touch screen. Options for display of measurement results include digital display directly on the instrument and via a connected evaluation unit. Standardized according to DIN 53816, DIN EN ISO 5079, ASTM D 3822, BISFA, AFNOR G 07-008.