Versatile illumination
Applied illumination is a CIE standard source D65 flashlight. Optionally, VIBROCHROM 400 can be equipped with a second flashlight emitting ultraviolet light for determination of fluorescence.

Easy handling
With VIBROCHROM 400, production control for colour- and whiteness is made easy: The instrument features robust design and both calibration and operation have been facilitated to include just a few steps. Accuracy and reproducibility of measurement results are ensured by the automatic and objective measurement procedure. The special design enables highest reproducibility even with difficult sample surfaces.

Vast evaluation possibilities
The VM 400 software program and database offer individual settings for presentation of measurement results and statistics.

Test method
VIBROCHROM 400 automatically determines the tristimulus values of a specimen under standard illumination. It features three complete optical systems with colour filters each for measuring and reference channel and is, therefore, a dual-beam photometer. Applied measurement geometry: d/8°. The sample is illuminated by flashlights and the reflection is measured and evaluated.
VIBROCHROM 400 is typically used for staple fiber, filament, granules, powder etc. for whiteness, yellowness and fluorescence. Standardized according to ISO 2469 and DIN 5033.