Multiple purpose testing
Use TST 1 for standardized quality control or for advanced material research and development. The extensive software program allows for individual settings of temperature and time as well as for individually programmable test cycles to meet your testing objectives.

Objective measurement
A fully automated measurement procedure guarantees for unbiased thermal shrinkage measurements with no human impact on the test results.

Easy analysis at a glance
During the measurement, the impact of the heat on the tested material can be observed both graphically and numerically in real-time. After completed measurement, the generated report offers all data for detailed analysis.

Test method
The Thermal Shrinkage Tester TST 1 tests the impact of hot air on wider samples and tapes made of synthetic film, nonwoven materials, laminated products and fabrics. Product details and test parameters are entered in the software program. The sample is prepared and pre-tensioned by means of clamping pretension weights onto the sample end. By a mouse click or by pressing the instrument button, the measurement is started and performed according to the selected test parameters. The oven-type heater automatically moves to cover the sample, which are heated by hot air to the pre-set temperature. After completed heating period, the oven automatically uncovers the sample to finish the measurement or to start a measurement of the residual shrinkage properties of the tested material depending on entered specifications. Standardized according to ISO 14616 and DIN 53369.