Automatic testing
After sample preparation, the test is performed fully automatically. The automatic and standardized test procedure guarantees for objective test results with high reproducibility.
Up to three samples of nonwovens may be tested simultaneously during one and the same test run.

Easy operation
SLOSH BOX 100 features easy and ergonomic handling.

Test method
The Sloshbox Disintegration Test simulates the behaviour of a nonwoven product in a gravity sewer. The objection is to analyse the potential for a product to disintegrate when it is subjected to mechanical agitation in water. During the test procedure with SLOSH BOX 100, the water-surrounded nonwoven sample is exposed to mechanical oscillations for a time period of one hour. After the test, the size of the residual fragments provides information about the flushability of the material. A standard analysis sieve is included.
SLOSH BOX 100 performs the Slosbox Disintegration Test according to FG502 of INDA/EDANA guidance document for assessing the flushability of nonwovens.