Efficient quality control
Labour- and time savings: A high number of bobbins/packages can be tested for draw tension/draw elongation, titer/titer variation and/or interlaced knots/entanglements shortly after completed production. The fully automatic testing- and sample feeding procedure eliminates the need for any assistance of the operator, who is free to carry out other tasks.

Fast reactions to quality deviations
SESS and the connected instruments are positioned at-line in the production; hence the bobbins can be controlled for their quality directly after completed production. This enables prompt reactions to any deviations from set quality levels.

Flexible integration
SESS is designed for flexible integration in all levels of transport systems and automation.

The SESS Sequential End Sampling System facilitates sample feeding to Lenzing Instruments’ high volume testing instruments ACW 600/DVA, DTI 600 and/or RAPID 600 V. SESS can be combined with one or two of the testing instruments and up to 24 bobbins are managed fully automatically by the system. All yarn ends from a shuttle, buggy or creel positioned in front of SESS are subsequently guided and fed to the connected instruments on a pneumatic air stream. The measurement of the yarn ends on the selected testing instrument is accomplished fully automatically according to a pre-set schedule. Generated measurement results are presented on the connected testing instrument.