Objective measurement
The reduced human impact means reproducible and reliable test results.

Flexible testing
With RUNOFF, test parameters such as slope angle, dosing volume and liquid discharge time can be individually adjusted. The Test principle of RUNOFF enables the runoff test to be performed either as a basic test or as a repeated test, according to the specifications of INDA/EDANA.

Cost savings
A collecting container is used for collection of the run-off liquid instead of a receiver pad. This means less need for consumables and therewith cost savings.

Test method
A specified quantity of test liquid (simulated urine) is automatically discharged at a constant rate onto the test specimen, which is positioned on an inclined plane. After the test liquid has penetrated into the absorbent medium underneath the test specimen, the non-absorbed run-off liquid is discharged into the collecting tray; the operator weighs the tray and notes the run-off value.
Standardized according to INDA/EDANA WSP 80.9.