Objective sampling
No operator influence means objective sampling without any human influence on the sampling procedure. Additionally, the collected samples represent the daily production of quality correctly. ROFIT 400 enables higher statistical validity of the sampling procedure. The random sampling of fiber bundles out of the filling chamber guarantees for representative moisture measurements.

Time saving
The automatic sampling in combination with moisture control leaves the operator free capacities for other tasks.

Test method
ROFIT 400 enables automatic and controlled sampling of staple fibers from the filling chamber of the baling press. In the filling chamber above the baling press, a horizontally moving grabber grabs fibers of a defined sample size. A sample is collected at a frequence of up to six times per minute. The collected fiber sample is released via a sample outlet. Further handling by the customer could mean presenting a plastic bag to the fiber sampling chamber for proper packaging. Alternatively, the collected samples can be dropped into a fall tube down to the baling press level. By means of a three filter measuring unit, ROFIT 300 also features semicontinuous measurement of capacitive sensors, ROFIT 400 controls the samples for their moisture content. The output signals can be used for optional automatic control of the drying section.