No calibration needed
The PROMPT OLT sensor does not require a full-scale calibration. The full-scale output is calibrated during production. The only calibration required is to tare or zero out any “no load” offset.

Very high sampling rates
PROMPT OLT enables sampling rates of up to 1 MHz and at the same time less noise in comparison to traditional strain gauge tension sensors.

Easy integration in production process
The position of the yarn is of no relevance for reliable results. Additionally, a splash guard protects the sensor against finish and cleaning agents. An optional air pressure module with cooling Test principle protects the sensor from dust, dirt and humidity variations. The cooling Test principle reduces the thermal sensitivity of the sensor. This makes integration of the PROMPT OLT sensor in the production process easy.

Inspection method
PROMPT OLT measures the absolute tension on the yarn by means of a strain gauge transducer.
The generated electrical signals are processed and evaluated for real time feedback about tension variations. For analysis of quench air issues, PROMPT OLT is normally installed before the 1st godet.
For analysis of winder issues, PROMPT OLT is normally installed before the winder.
Typically applied for FDY, TY, IY.