Wide application area
PROMPT OLO monitors multifilament yarn for broken filaments, fluff, titer (dtex, den), interlace and twist. Monofilament yarn is monitored for thin and thick places as well as for diameter variations.
Thanks to the high detection sensitivity, PROMPT OLO even enables monitoring of very small defects and variations.

Easy fitting
The usage of PROMPT OLO is also possible where mounting space is scarce: In addition to the PROMPT OLO sensor with standard dimensions, there is also a choice of a sensor with smaller dimensions. Depending on the application, PROMPT OLO can be applied with or without yarn guides.

Flexible data management
Data communication is accomplished either via PC or via a PLC.

Comprehensive data evaluation
Customized settings for data evaluation are made easy in the PROMPT Visualize software.

Inspection method
Directly on the running yarn, in the production, filament yarn is guided through the processor controlled optical sensor. Defects or varying yarn parameters induce signal fluctuations. The signals are communicated to the PC for data evaluation. Typically applied for FDY, DTY, IY.