Easy analysis
The unwinding performance of the bobbin/package in further processes is easily predicted by means of the Package Performance Factor, PPF: The PPF gives feedback on the average unwinding tension and its standard variation as well as on the absolute values of tension peaks and the tension amplitude. The lower the PPF, the better a bobbin will perform in the next process step.

Sophisticated technology
PPT 100 is of robust design and guarantees for excellent accuracy, perfect repeatability. It also features high zero stability and resolution.

High-speed testing
Yarn take-off speeds are selectable between 0 to 1200 m/min.

Inspection method
The POY yarn is unwinded from the bobbin at defined and constant speed and guided to a tension sensor. The variations in tension are displayed in real time and stored in the PPT software. The unwinding quality of a bobbin depends on the mean, maximum and minimum value of the measured tension.

PPT 100 is offered in cooperation with Honigmann GmbH, Germany.