Quick feedback
With OPUMETER, deviations from the ideal spin finish content are detected within seconds.
This enables timely reactions to issues such as air bubbles, faulty pumps or applicators.

Real time results display
During monitoring, the measured % OPU / % FOY is displayed graphically for real time feedback about the spin finish status. In the OPUMETER software, quality limits can be set for easy reaction to possible issues with the spin finish application.

Low cost
OPU/FOY testing in the laboratory requires sample preparation and additional accessories such as solvents. With OPUMETER, cost savings are achieved since the spin finish value is monitored directly in the production, on the running yarn, without the need for any consumables.

Inspection method
The yarn is guided through the portable OPUMETER handle which incorporates a spin finish sensor based on conductivity technology. The measurement is performed directly at the spinning position and is completed within a few seconds. Measurement results and statistics are displayed via Bluetooth in the OPUMETER software program on a portable evaluation unit.