Tensile properties non-destructive  
The ratio of fibres in machine direction vs. cross direction, MD:CD, of the web gives indirect information about the tensile strength of the nonwoven material. Hence the traditional tensile test in the laboratory can be replaced by the non-destructive, objective and continuous measurement Test principle of NOS 300. The fiber orientation analysis with NOS 300 shows high correlation to tensile tests performed in the laboratory.

Homogeneity information
By monitoring the ratio of fibers in machine versus cross direction with NOS 300, producers also get an indication of the homogeneity of the nonwoven web.

Immediate feedback
Applied online, NOS 300 generates immediate feedback about any changes in the fiber orientation of the web. This enables quick reactions to process deviations and therewith cost savings in terms of reduced waste and/or down-graded fibers.

Inspection method
NOS 300 gathers information about the frequency of the fiber position angle in relation to the machine- and cross directions. The image processing system consists of incident LED illumination and a high-resolution camera unit. Images are continuously grabbed and the fiber orientation is determined by means of a special algorithm.