Thorough material analysis
NIS 300 enables 100% inspection of defects and vital material properties. Examples of monitored defects: Spills, streaks, wrinkles, holes, folds, contamination, colour spots, colour shades, printing defects etc. Further inspected web properties include optical density, homogeneity and uniformity of embossing.

Modular system
The modular system with a variety of illumination units, camera systems and software modules guarantee for highest adaptability to the vast variety of nonwoven products. Optimum optical configuration means accurate defect detection also of low contrast defects.

Wide application area
NIS 300 is applicable for technical, textile and automotive fabrics as well as for glass fabrics and composite fabrics.

Inspection method
Depending on the measurement task, a customised system is set up of camera units, illumination modules and the corresponding software program to meet your needs. The nonwoven web is continuously monitored for feedback on defects and misprints. Defects are graded into defect classes. Detected defects are displayed as real time images of the defects and in a quality matrix.