Objective results
After sample preparation, the operator only needs to press one button. This ensures for objective, accurate and reproducible results without any human impact.

Standard setting
Lenzing Instruments is official partner of EDANA for the liquid strike-through measurement.

Internationally acknowledged
LISTER AC is standard setting when it comes to determination of the liquid strike-through properties of nonwovens. More than 800 instruments are in use all over the world.

Supplier of filter paper
The needed standardized filter (blotter) paper can be acquired from Lenzing Instruments

Test method
A known volume of liquid (e.g. synthetic urine) is automatically and at constant rate discharged through the centre hole of the LISTER electrode plate onto the sample of nonwoven coverstock. A timer is activated as soon as the electrically conductive liquid passes the electrodes. The nonwoven sample is placed onto a set of filter papers, which serves as the absorbent core. After the liquid has penetrated into the absorbent pad, the electrical circuit is interrupted, the timer is stopped and the liquid strike-through time is displayed.
Standardized according to INDA/EDANA WSP 70.3 and WSP 70.7.