Real time feedback
Integrated directly in the production process, INVISPEC monitors 100 % of any requested material properties for complete process- and product quality control.

Both camera systems, illumination modules as well as the applied algorithm are adapted to the specific measurement task.
Applied camera systems include line cameras, area cameras, 3D systems, prism cameras etc.
Applied illumination units include incident light, transmitted light, cathedral light, light tunnel etc.
Applied algorithms include state of the art visual inspection technology such as machine learning, deep learning etc.

Examples of use
Nonwovens: Dirt detection, surface defects, fiber orientation, structure analysis.
Staple fiber: Dirt detection, surface defects, crimp count.
Fabric: Weaving defects, material defects, surface defects, pattern defects.

Inspection method
Depending on the measurement task, a customised system is set up of camera units, illumination modules and the corresponding software program to meet your needs.