Standardized measurement
In accordance with EN ISO 11058, GE-TE-FLOW measures the VIH50 velocity index of the tested material. The standardized measurement method is approved in industrial and public laboratories.
Optionally, also permittivity values are generated according to ASTM D4491.

Optimized design
GE-TE-FLOW is characterized by compact design and extra low water consumption.

Wide application area
Geotextiles, woven fabrics, fleece, filter materials, sinter plates, perforated sheet metal, porous building materials in plate form and related products.

Test method
The system analyses the rate of water flow through the specimen as a Test principle of the hydraulic head difference in a two-cylinder-system with pressure sensor. The measurement is accomplished normal to the specimen plane and without any load applied. Standardized according to EN ISO 11058 and ASTM D4491.