Wide application area
PROMPT OLO monitors multifilament yarn for broken filaments, fluff, titer (dtex, den), interlace and twist. Monofilament yarn is monitored for thin and thick places as well as for diameter variations.
Thanks to the high detection sensitivity, PROMPT OLO even enables monitoring of very small defects and variations.

In-depth analysis
PROMPT LAB enables precise and thorough offline analysis of yarn defects or varying yarn characteristics due to process irregularities. The filament yarn is monitored for defects such as broken filaments and fluff or thin- and thick places. Additionally, information is given about diameter variations of monofilament yarn as well as of interlace, twist and titer (dtex/den) variations of multifilament yarn. Each time a defect is detected by the sensor, a signal triggers the camera to generate an image. The generated images of the defects together with event statistics and information about the defect’s position along the yarn allow for detailed analysis of the yarn properties.

Test method
PROMPT LAB combines a powerful and high-speed yarn take-off unit for yarn transport with Lenzing Instruments sensor technology and a camera unit. The combination enables thorough off-line analysis and visualisation of defects and varying yarn properties directly on the running yarn. PROMPT LAB is available as FRAYVIEW LAB with PROMPT FFD, DEFECT VIEW LAB with PROMPT OLO and YIS 200 LAB with YIS 200.