Complete crimp classification
With CIS 300, the fiber tow is analysed for the average crimp count per length unit by means of visual inspection. The crimp is classified into long crimp, micro crimp and edge crimp and feedback is given about the distribution thereof along and across the tow.

100% crimp control
CIS 300 is installed directly in the production area and offers continuous, online measurement of crimp count. The visual inspection technology features a high-degree correlation with results of laboratory measurements. CIS 300 enables 100% production control instead of random sampling, which is the case with laboratory testing.

Suitable for all tow sizes
A choice of either fix mounted or moving cameras enables adaption to various fiber tow widths.

Claim prevention and source tracing
Traceability of faulty product batches.
Product quality changes are immediately recognised.
Less waste and down-graded fibers.

Inspection method:
High resolution cameras in combination with LED light scan the moving tow continuously.