Detailed abrasion information
The Abrasion Tester AT 500 determines the abrasive potential of filament yarn accurately and reliably. AT 500 enables feedback both about unintended abrasion as well as of positive abrasion-reducing properties resulting from spin finish oil application.

Wide area of application
Examine how various parameters influence the abrasion properties, e.g. the composition of spin finishes, dyes, agents and additives, the sectional form of the yarn or yarn titer. Use AT 500 for production control, to find out the reason for yarn abrasion, determine the anticipated needle service lives and much more.

Test method
In combination with a yarn take-off unit, the tested yarn is run through a metal plate during a defined period of time. A sensor continuously registers the abrasion of the plate.
AT 500 is offered in cooperation with Honigmann GmbH, Germany.