Controlled sampling
In combination with ACW/DVA 600, ASC 12 enables automatic generation of up to 12 filament yarn samples. Since sample identity is automatically assigned, any human errors in regard to sample identification can be avoided. The weight of all collected samples will be identical.

Workload savings
Usage of ASC 12 means that staff is not tied up with sample preparation but is free to carry out other tasks.

Usage with ALFA 500
If ASC 12 is used in combination with the spin finish tester ALFA 500, sample preparations is reduced to an absolute minimum. The automatically generated sample information can directly be used for measurements with for instance ALFA 500.

Sampling method
During the dtex/denier measurement with the filament yarn tester ACW 600/DVA, a yarn sample is automatically prepared and weighed. ASC 12 collects these samples together with the corresponding weight and identification data.