High degree of automation
A completely automatic measurement procedure allows for up to 28 samples to be analysed for spin finish content without any human interference – no expert personnel needed, reliable and objective measurement results.

After weighing of the samples, the operator is free to carry out any other task since the spin finish analysis is carried out automatically with no further need for operator handling. One test run of up to 28 fiber-, filament-, or nonwoven samples takes less than 90 minutes.

The high automatization degree of ALFA 500 means lower personnel costs. This together with the reduced costs for consumables thanks to the usage of deionized water as a dissolvent make ALFA 500 a cost-saving and economical choice for spin finish determination.

Environmentally friendly
With ALFA 500, spin finish determination is accomplished without the need for hazardous chemicals: Instead, application of hot deionized water as a dissolvent means cost savings since no high-risk material has to be disposed of. Moreover, the compliance with any environmental regulations or sustainability objectives is given.

Test method
Spin finish is determined by means of testing the material for the total carbon content, TC.
The detected TC correlates to a certain spin finish oil content of the tested material (%OPU or %FOY) according to calibration values.