Modular and versatile design: Used either solely as Automatic Cut and Weigh unit; ACW 600, for titer (dtex/denier) measurement or together with the DVA unit for additional Denier Variation Analysis within one and the same test run. Special version available for titer determination of bulky yarns; ACW 600 BCF.

At-line application
ACW 600/DVA is placed directly in the production, close to the spinning position. This together with the high-speed testing Test principle means timely reactions to minor quality; hence less downgraded material with cost savings as a result.

Easy results evaluation
Intuitive and easy analysis of measurement results. Thorough problem analysis with special key figures: No need for expert personnel.

Highly automated handling
ACW 600/DVA features automatic yarn string-up and sample removal. An even higher automatization degree can be achieved if ACW 600/DVA is used together with the optional SESS Sequential End Sampling System: With SESS, up to 24 positions are handled centrally and automatically for efficient sample feeding without any need for operator interference.

Test method
For determination of titer (dtex, den), a pre-set length of yarn is automatically cut and forwarded to an integrated balance for weighing. Yarn evenness is determined by of capacitive sensors. Standardized according to ASTM D 6587, ASTM D 6612.