A wide choice of friction bodies enables authentic simulation of various friction conditions.
Measurement options: yarn/ceramic, yarn/steel, yarn/glass, yarn/yarn.

Modular system
A modular system enables flexible friction testing for analysis of the impact on the friction properties depending on different process parameters. Available modules include a friction body heating device, a take-off device for stick-slip measurements, spin finish pump with preparation nozzle, accessories for yarn-to-yarn tests, accessories for friction tests with sewing thread, a thermo/hygrometer as well as a surface voltmeter.

Test method
The measurement unit incorporates the µ-meter, a filament yarn take-off device and a data collection and analysis system. By means of the yarn take-off unit, the yarn is guided over a friction body at a certain speed and a certain angle. The tensile force is measured before and behind the friction body and the friction coefficient can be calculated.