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PPT 100

Determines the unwinding characteristics of POY yarn.


  • A special Package Performance Factor, PPF, indicates the winding quality of a bobbin/package.
  • Robust design
  • High repeatability
  • High zero stability and resolution
  • Take-off speed 0 to 1200 m/min
  • Microsoft Windows® based data acquisition and storage
  • Real time display of measured data (graphical or numerical)

In Detail

PPT 100 is a laboratory testing instrument for determination of the unwinding characteristics of filaments and yarns of any material.

During the testing procedure, the POY yarn is taken off the bobbin at a defined and constant speed.

The variations in tension are displayed in real time and stored in the PPT software. As a result of the measurement, the characteristic Package Performance Factor is generated, which describes the quality of the unwinding properties of the bobbin/package. The unwinding quality of a bobbin depends on the mean, maximum and minimum value of the measured tension.

PPT 100 is offered in cooperation with Honigmann GmbH, Germany.




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