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Sensor and camera system for online image analysis of filament yarn defects


  • Visualisation and localisation of defects such as broken filaments, fluff, thin- and thick places
  • Feedback about yarn characteristics such as diameter variations, interlace and twist
  • Online, real time measurement for quick feedback to process irregularities
  • Defect images together with numerical evaluation
  • Detailed data analysis by means of a powerful and intuitive software 
  • Also available for offline application as Defect View Lab

In Detail

DEFECT VIEW enables precise and thorough online analysis of yarn defects or varying yarn characteristics due to process irregularities. A PROMPT OLO sensor in combination with a high resolution digital CCD area camera monitors the passing yarn for defects such as broken filaments and fluff or thin- and thick places. Additionally, information is given about diameter variations of monofilament yarn as well as of interlace and twist of multifilament yarn. Each time a defect is detected by the sensor, a signal triggers the camera to generate a picture. The generated pictures of the defects together with information about their position along the yarn are displayed in the flexible and intuitive software.


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