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Automated testing instrument for thorough analysis of the friction properties of fibres and yarns.


  • Versatile instrument for analysis of friction characteristics of fibres and yarn
  • A wide choice of friction bodies enables authentic simulation of the production conditions
  • Optional accessories such as thermo-/hygrometer, spin finish pump, stick-slip device, surface voltage meter and more for special testing
  • Presentation of the coefficient of friction, statistical values and average operating parameters through the Windows® software


In Detail

The µ-Meter testing instrument for the examination of coefficients of friction is the result of continuous and consistent product improvement through continuous feedback from the market. It features a flexible system which permits effective use with respect to the particular measurement tasks and offers the basis for easily adaptable extensions.

The apparatus for the measurement of coefficients of friction consists of three functional modules:

  • µ-Meter
  • Filament take-off device
  • Data collection and analysis system

Application examples

  • friction values of thread guide devices
  • stick-slip measurement
  • friction coefficients of filaments
  • analyzing the uniformity of surface preparations
  • continuous measurement of friction coefficients over yarn length
  • measurement series to determine the concentration of the finish or sizing
  • thread/thread
  • examinations of dust and friction generated dust
  • The µ-Meter Friction Tester is offered in cooperation with Honigmann GmbH, Germany.


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