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AT 500

Continuous measurement of abrasion properties of filament and yarn.


  • Precise and preventive abrasion analysis reduces unexpected downtime due to abrasion of guiding machine elements
  • Yields information about the anticipated needle service lives
  • For feedback about abrasion reducing characteristics of different spin finish oils
  • Small amount of yarn needed for each test

In Detail

The abrasion tester AT 500 delivers qualitative information about the abrasive properties of fibers and yarns by a unique measurement process. Many parameters such as yarn twist, yarn count and wax levels are reasons for unintended abrasion.

AT 500 offers quick and qualitative information and requires only a small amount of yarn. It offers stable and standardized conditions of measurements atline and just within a few minutes.

The abrasive characteristics of a product as well as the positive, abrasion-reducing properties of a spin finish oil can be exactly quantified.

AT 500 is offered in cooperation with Honigmann GmbH, Germany.


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